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How to avoid social media fatigue

October 17, 2014

social-media-fatigueSocial media remains both a darling and drag for marketing professionals. The potential impact of social media has been well documented but such results can sometimes feel more like urban legend than reality. Many marketers and the companies they serve are still trying to figure out how to maximize their social footprint.

When I speak to colleagues about social media, I often have to overcome a valid hurdle – something I refer to as social media fatigue. Unfortunately, many organizations’ underlying strategies for social media is, “try them all”. Corporate accounts are set up for everything from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest, Slideshare, etc… The list is really too long and always growing so is it really any wonder that people are starting to tune out?

I encourage my colleagues is to focus their social media marketing activities so they can give it the attention it deserves. Since I work in professional services, I direct my colleagues to use LinkedIn. I would rather have our people interacting with their network on LinkedIn multiple times in one week than posting on multiple social media tools / sites and only visiting them a few times a month.

Part of my social media strategy relies on adoption in large numbers from our practice to help share a consistent message. For those who show interest, I also encourage them to adopt Twitter and show them how to link accounts so a post on LinkedIn can also be shared on Twitter. For you, different tools may offer better outreach to your target audience(s). Knowing your customer and where they spend time online goes a long way in deciding which social media tools make the most sense for your marketing strategy. This targeted approach will help you and your colleagues avoid the dreaded (but otherwise inevitable) social media fatigue.

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