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The 24/7 marketer

March 10, 2013

It is not news that one’s business day no longer necessarily resembles what is conventionally considered “business hours”. The advent of laptops followed by more mobile devices made everyone more accessible and therefore more accountable. This increased access online has resulted in significant opportunities to engage with customers most notably by using social media tools.

Clever Marketer

The Buddy Media study found that posts published on the weekends were found to have a 69% higher interaction, but only 11% of posts are posted on the weekend by Advertising and Consulting firms.

Although different businesses leverage social media differently, nearly all B2C and an increasing number of B2B companies incorporate Facebook in their marketing plans so understanding consumer behavior on this site is important.  A 2012 study from Buddy Media analyzed user engagement from more than 1,800 Facebook pages from the world’s largest brands for two months in April and May of 2012 and they concluded that night and weekend activity is so compelling that marketing professionals need to think beyond conventional days and times of day if they want to maximize their investments in Facebook.

Posts published between 8PM – 7AM receive 14% higher interaction than posts between 8AM – 7PM

This study was recently turned into an infographic that shares best days to post on Facebook based on several key industries including: advertising & consulting, automotive, fashion, CPG, entertainment, finance, food & beverage, retail, health & beauty, non profits, publishing, sports, technology, telco, as well as travel & leisure.  Many of these industries are most active on the weekends.  Does this mean that marketers now need to work graveyard shifts and weekends?  Certainly not, but those dates and times should be looked at more closely as opportunities to engage your client base.  Starting late last year, I modified my firm’s Twitter account slightly to regularly post Tweets on Sunday afternoons.  While I’ve not seen any evidence that Tweets sent on Sunday afternoons are more impactful than Tweets sent at other times in the week, I’ve not seen any evidence that they are less impactful.

Do you engage with consumers / customers on Facebook during the weekends? If you’d like to see the full infographic from Buddy Media link here.

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