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Health care marketing must evolve

February 27, 2013

80% of patients go online for health info

Earlier this month I was reading an article by Stephen Moegling entitled, 7 Surprising Statistics That Impact Online Health Care Marketing. The article starts with the headline, 80 percent of patients go online for health information.  I don’t find this statistic surprising and neither should health care marketing professionals.  However this change in patient behavior may be the most important in understanding how consumerism is now flexing its muscle and causing health care organizations like physician groups, hospitals, health insurers and even pharmaceutical companies to rethink how they interact with care marketing

Savvy marketers can leverage this increased patient IQ and demand for greater access by using the web, social media and other online communities to help with brand recognition, fostering dialog with patients and communities, and streamlining services – but few do this effectively.  In the past, health care organizations have cited patient privacy and federal regulations as barriers to embracing many technologies, but one only need to look to financial services to see an industry that was faced with similar challenges.  The financial services industry has paved the way showing how to effectively use online communications, social media and the web to market products and services to consumers.

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