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Tweeting more effectively

February 6, 2013

Last year, social media marketing firm Buddy Media, which is now a part of, published a report entitled, Strategies for effective tweeting: A statistical review. Their findings were both interesting and affirming to what I had assumed all along, if you are going to use Social Media to promote your services or create more brand awareness, Twitter is a tool marketers must be familiar with and use wisely.  Buddy Media’s report, which was done in conjunction with Booz and Co., indicated that in 2011 77% of those surveyed from more than 100 leading companies (not sure what that means but Booz and Co. didn’t elaborate) believe that Twitter is a priority social media platform – only Facebook ranked higher.

Does your company leverage Twitter in a consistent and meaningful way that allows you to measure your progress with either statistical data or anecdotal evidence?


To get results requires that marketers uses Twitter appropriately

After Buddy Media analyzed more than 320 Twitter handles from some of the world’s largest brands, they concluded that many marketers may not be tapping into the full potential Twitter offers.  Their report points to several interesting “success metrics” including:

  • Reply Rate: number of replies as a percentage of followers
  • Retweet Rate: number of Retweets as a percentage of followers (includes manual retweets)
  • Engagement Rate: a combination of the replies and Retweets in the number of followers

Tweeting during “busy hours” which Buddy Media defines as from 8AM – 7PM ET will yield greater results in terms of recognition and engagement.  The report suggests that many marketers are overlooking these hours on the weekends and losing an opportunity to engage with followers.Twitter Busy HoursMoving forward, it is important that marketers understand the value Twitter provides and to leverage it effectively to make the investment in time worthwhile.  I suggest creating a tracking sheet that allows you to see what times of day and which days are yielding you the most retweets and direct messages.  Over time, plotting this data will provide you with insights into days and times of day that are best for your business.

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