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When NOT to use an infographic

October 30, 2012


Infographics are everywhere now and for good reason – they are an excellent way to share information in an interesting and digestible format.  At our core, we are visual creatures so it makes sense to leverage them to help us tell our story or to illustrate content.  However, the infographic is not the only way to get your point across, and when not executed properly they become little more than distracting online posters.

Earlier this year Brandwatch shared some considerations that I’ve modified and wanted to share.  Are you thinking of creating an infographic? If so, take these considerations into account before you start.

  • If the data is straight forward don’t try create something more elaborate with an infographic to make it seem like it is more than it really is.
  • Infographics are not going to help you drive traffic to your page, because the embedded text within the image does nothing for SEO
  • These still are not mobile-friendly so consider who will be viewing this and how important the mobile platform is for you
  • If you cannot synthesize your data into something easily understood and visually engaging then why are you making an infographic
  • When you make an infographic simply for the sake of making one – it is quickly apparent to your reader and generally a real turn off

Let’s face it.  These are great tools for marketers, but getting lazy and not thinking through when it is appropriate to create an infographic is not going to get you the results you want.  Be smart about how you use these and ensure you have a creative team that can help you articulate your findings in an easy to follow and helpful way.

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