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Twitter study reviews user demographics and behavior

October 16, 2012

A recent study by beevolve, offers interesting insights with respect to the user demographics of Twitter.  Marketing professionals looking to implement or refine their social media strategies will find the breakdown of demographics that illustrate preferences and behavior very interesting.

Their study shares findings like the gender divide which tilts slightly in favor of women to issues of geography – the US accounts for nearly half of the world’s Twitter users.  Additional data like age range, average number of followers, etc… help create a picture for professional marketers trying to build and shape opinions on brand or are looking for new channels to engage and court new and existing customers.

The beevolve study finds 1:4 Twitter users have never Tweeted.  The idea that there are millions of users who are logging on to Twitter to follow other accounts is interesting, and I would be curious to see if this “listening” trend grows.

Apple and Google on TwitterEven though a recent IDC Study found that Android controls nearly 60% of world’s market share, nearly 70% of Smartphone/Tablet users use Apple devices to access Twitter.  What is it about Apple’s mobile devices that makes so many of their owners use Twitter?

It would be fantastic to be able to see a follow-up study in the years that follow to better understand the trajectory of some of these trends and so marketers can analyze how best to adjust their social media campaigns.

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