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October 3, 2012

dallas-cowboysLast month, an article written by Mike Ozanian for Forbes magazine estimated the value of the Dallas Cowboys  to be $2.10 billion.  That staggering figure makes the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports franchise in American history.

Recognizing that one’s brand (and in this instance the Cowboys’ image) matters, one would expect a savvy group of marketing professionals leading this organization so I was dumbfounded when I recently read a couple of years ago the Dallas Cowboys, lost a bid to purchase the URL

The website ultimately sold for $275,000 and has recently launched as a dating site.  To be fair, the organization still owns and uses as their website, but with the recognition and value of their brand it is inexcusable for them not to own this URL, which is shorter and a fairly obvious domain name for the storied franchise.

One’s brand and presence online should be guarded, but clearly this wasn’t the case with the Dallas Cowboys’ marketing organization. This story makes the Cowboys marketing team look like a bunch of rookies rather than the seasoned veterans one would expect. cowboys-dot-com

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