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The mobile conundrum

September 27, 2012

If you get more than two marketers together it won’t be long before one asks the other about their mobile strategy.  It makes no difference the industry, the mobile platform is the source of many headaches for marketing professionals these days. A significant challenge for marketers is providing a consistent user experience across these different platforms.

Businesses large and small struggle with how to incorporate a mobile-friendly strategy and design; one need only look at Facebook’s continued trials to realize how tough operating on a mobile platform can be.  So how does one leverage this platform to maximize a brand and create a positive experience for customers? For every business the answer is slightly different but not necessarily any easier.  Here are some examples of businesses that can offer the rest of us ideas on how to translate their success to our own organization.

TWITTER – Built for the mobile platform, Twitter is equally easy to use and provides a consistent user experience no matter the device. Twitter has impressed marketers with its rate of adoption by businesses and consumers.  It has proven to be a useful tool for marketers looking to communicate with customers and innovative companies like American Express are showing that Twitter may become an important distribution channel; driving sales to communities of interest.  The lesson I take from Twitter and what makes me admire the firm is the simplicity of the technology which makes it ideal for users to access no matter what the device.

HUFFINGTON POST – As an aggregator and provider of news, Huffington Post outsmart larger, more established news organizations. It became such a viable force that within 5 years of launching, it was snapped up by AOL for $315 million.  The Huffington Post is a master at organizing and distributing content (in their case news) on the mobile platform.  While many traditional news organizations continued to showcase their content online like a newspaper page, Huffington Post leveraged their layout and design with mobile users in mind.  The result is news that is easier to find and read; every marketer dreams of people saying this about their website.

USAA – This financial institution may not be one everyone is familiar, but as one of the first to offer online banking it isn’t a surprise to see that they continue to innovate and have leveraged the mobile platform. Members can easily access their accounts, pay bills, transfer money and even make a deposit from their mobile device.  More over they have made it easy for customers to purchase products and get assistance.  No matter how complicated your service or how regulated your industry – USAA shows that one can effectively leverage mobile to make the experience both convenient and easy for customers.

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