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How consumers are using social media varies

June 17, 2011

A recent survey by Compete Inc (an online marketing analytics services firm) has found the American public uses leading social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, differently. The findings in their report are not surprising, but they do provide insight for marketing professionals incorporating social media into their business plans.

Key differences highlighted from the Compete survey include:
1 – Twitter users are more likely to engage with a service through a mobile device than are users of other social media platforms. Services consumers feel more comfortable using on mobile devices provide marketers with increased access to customers.
2 – Twitter drives integration across consumer media channels better than other forms of social media. Realizing that many consumers engage multiple forms of media at the same time indicates marketers are dealing with a more sophisticated buyer, but also provides more opportunities to engage the public.
3 – Consumers are more likely to use Twitter to make product recommendations and purchases than facebook. As social media firms look to generate new revenue streams, pointing to a higher consumer conversion rates could become the holy grail.
4 – Users prefer to use twitter for product updates. The instant nature and ability to communicate directly provides twitter with a unique user experience that allows consumers to feel as if they are interacting directly with the brand.

More information about the findings as well as statistical data from the study are available on the Compete blog entry, Four Things You Might Not Know About Twitter.

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