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Google correlate can be a powerful tool for marketing professionals

May 30, 2011

Google correlate brings a new level of sophistication to online search which can serve savvy marketers. According to the Google news release from last week, the concept for correlate started back in 2008 when their developers realized that the activity of certain search terms was a good indicator of the prevalence of flu in a particular area.

Most search engines allow one to identify how popular a particular search term is, but according to Google, only correlate allows users to identify a trend and see what search terms match based on organic search activity. To test how this worked, I inserted the phrase “health reform”. This remains a popular trending subject on Twitter and my assumption was this would carry through on sites like Google.  Correlate quickly identified related search terms, their relevance and although not depicted below – a timeline – as well as the ability to export the data.

This provides marketers the opportunity to mine patterns in search data and overlay that over a time period.  For example, Brand marketers can quickly identify the impact of their ongoing campaigns with just a few clicks or even gauge the impact competitors marketing campaigns are having.  Aggregating this data provides many options and gives marketers access to data that previously was not available.  How marketers use this remains to be seen, but I’m betting that this will become part of professional marketer’s arsenal.


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