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Best Buy’s “Outdated World” advertising campaign

March 6, 2011

Most consumers are not what marketers would refer to as “early adopters“.  Many people take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to purchasing technology for many reasons; unfamiliarity, lack of interest, etc.  One of the most common criticisms consumers level at technology and electronics is that the minute they purchase an item it is made obsolete by the next version which will be available imminently. 

Consumers who are reticent to purchase new technologies because of unfamiliarity or lack of interest are likely to remain unaware or not care about the latest product from Apple, Microsoft, or Sony, but Best Buy is not targeting these consumers in their “outdated world” campaign.  This funny but poignant campaign targets consumers who are currently talking themselves into and out of purchasing that next gizmo.  By recognizing the insane speed that new technologies become outdated they effectively identify with the consumer and provide them with the only ‘guarantee’ I’m aware of in the marketplace. 

What makes the campaign so interesting is that the window of opportunity they provide (6mos) is hardly a window at all but because they are the only large-scale retailer providing this to my knowledge they appear as both a market leader and champion of the consumer.  Well done Best Buy… why hasn’t the competition figured out this angle?

With nearly $50 billion in annual revenues in 2010, if this campaign to can appeal to even just a 2-3% of those consumers sitting on the fence contemplating a purchase, they can effectively lift their revenues.  Time will tell if the campaign is successful but it is ingenious if only in that they are the first retailer (or etailer) to take on this issue and make it their own.

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