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Clash of the social media titans: Facebook vs Twitter

December 21, 2010
Social Media Demographics

This image is courtesy of Digital Surgeons, an interactive marketing firm based in CT. 

I would love to see a breakdown of these 500M and 100M facebook and twitter users.  How many facebook pages and twitter accounts are essentially unused?  There is no doubt that these sites are growing in popularity and they are forces to be reckoned with, but I tend to question numbers that sound too good to be true.  What is not too good to be true is the detail and data shared in these visuals. 

The demographics on the left that include gender, age, income and education level will make marketers quite happy as they try to identify those market segments that are most important to them.  Of real interest for me are the two statistics pertaining to brand loyalty in the lower right side of each chart. Firms on Facebook seem to have a significant opportunity to build an online community that is quite loyal and will follow what they do.  This is not a surprise to anyone in branding but I still find it interesting to see these figures validating it.

There are some interesting insights (and assumptions) made on the company’s blog about this information.  Link here to read their comments.

Social Media Demographics

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