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Are you connecting with or spamming your customers?

November 27, 2010

Leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday and for the next few days, much of the news reported will revolve around “Black Friday”.  For B2C marketers (specifically those in retail), the 29 days that follow Thanksgiving are make or break with some retailers operating in the red throughout the year until revenue from these 4 weeks of shopping are compiled.   Although sites like Facebook and Twitter have been around for a while, it seems like this is the first Christmas season to have fully embraced social media.  In past years there has been an obsession with media to follow the increases in online sales as compared to in-store sales.  This reporting obsession will continue, but I think that particularly successful (and by successful I really mean “viral”) campaigns that leverage social media will start to garner more attention and be reported.

The success of these particular campaigns will force marketing professionals to re-tool their strategies as they learn how best to capture their consumer’s attention. The number of social media sites has multiplied in ways that would be hard to imagine just a couple of years ago.  Geolocation marketing is currently the hot trend with sites like FourSquare flexing their muscle and getting marketer’s attention.  Countless articles have been written about the merits and possible “stalking” nature of geolocation sites. However all these new sites come at a price as consumers get more messages directed at them (no matter how targeted the marketing).  There is a realtime learning curve for marketers to figure out how best to leverage these sites so they can interact with their customers and to help build greater loyalty, because there is a fine line between connecting with and spamming a consumer; and that line is different for nearly every consumer.

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