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New web browser on the block

November 7, 2010

On Monday, November 8th Marc Adreessen, the man who brought us Netscape (remember them?) will launch a new browser called RockMelt.  The new browser’s claim to fame is how it seemlessly incorporates social networking services, but I find it hard imagining RockMelt succeeding where Google failed.  Google Chrome currently has less than 10% of the browser market primarily because users don’t have compelling reasons to switch.  

I like the features RockMelt shows in their promo video, but I assume many – if not most of these will quickly be incorporated into Internet Explorer (and Safari for all the Apple users out there).  Also, I’m perplexed that in the promo video there is no mention of how this browser operates in mobile devices.  With online search moving more to mobile devices users are looking for technology optimized for their iphones, blackberries and phones – it is not clear from the video that RockMelt can make that transition.  If it could wouldn’t they have shown it?

With Marc Andreessen lending his name perhaps Netscape alumni in Silicon Valley are hoping to reignite a new battle of the browsers between RockMelt and Internet Explorer, but if that is the case – my money is on Microsoft.  You can watch the introduction video and decide for yourself or read more on about RockMelt on their blog, here.

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