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OMG Bing and Facebook are BFF

October 16, 2010

Microsoft and Facebook made news this week, announcing they would work more closely to make online search “a more social experience”.  The two companies already share a cozy relationship – Bing is embedded in Facebook so users need not leave the site to search for something online.  Expanding their relationship could help Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, continue to chip away at market leader, Google.  

According to the Bing blog entry, New signals in search: The Bing social layer, the partnership will “enable a great search experience for people queries, by bringing in information from…people who share networks with you…as you navigate through search results in Bing.”

Introducing opinions from friends and family into search is intriguing and potentially fraught with pitfalls, but it does seem to be a natural progression – making the user experience on the Internet both more social and personalized.  Bing is referring to this new inclusion as a “social layer”.  They suggest that by allowing users to review opinions of friends and family it will result in better search results for people.  

Link here to see the video Bing has issued showing how accessing your friends “likes” from Facebook will enrich your search experience.

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