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E-mail marketing takes the next step with HTML5

October 12, 2010

HTML5 is a new standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web that is currently in limited use, but will become the standard coding platform for the Web.  Why should a marketing professional get all excited about coding you ask?  HTML5 is worth checking out because it makes it much easier to incorporate multimedia in e-mail campaigns and will change how marketing professionals can interact and engage with customers via e-mail.  

The new Web language also includes additional features that provide marketing professionals with more tracking opportunities that I don’t completely understand at the moment.  The NYT wrote about potential privacy concerns (I would caution marketing professionals to be aware of) in their article, New web code draws concern over privacy risks.  According to the article, the technology allows for large amounts of data to be collected and stored on the user’s hard drive.  As a result, marketers could potentially have access to personal data previously not possible.  Marketers should probably review their company’s privacy statements to ensure they are not unintentionally violating their own policies, but bad press aside – the ability to better leverage media that can play with better quality on multiple platforms (PC, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc…) is a significant advancement  worth noting. 

What’s all the fuss?
With HTML5, email marketers can deliver full motion, high-quality video without directing a user to a landing page.  More impressive, video player controls that allow the recipient control the media (play, pause, increase / decrease volume, etc) are all now available.  With more people accessing the Web through hand devices this advancement helps tremendously.  HTML5 allows advertisers to develop more sophisticated out reach to customers no longer requiring them to link to YouTube or third party sites.  This could bring the term “going viral” to a whole new level if you think about how easy it will be to share; no more cutting and pasting links or waiting for a new page that is hosting the media to load.

I found an interesting YouTube video on the site, REEL SEO. It quickly demonstrates the advancements HTML5 brings to e-mail marketing. 

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