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Alex Payne comments on #newtwitter

September 17, 2010

Alex Payne, Twitter’s former chief engineer, has made waves again on his blog Alex Payne writes online here

In his post ‘The very last thing I’ll write about Twitter’ he comments on an internal document he circulated when he was still with the organization which said, “Twitter needs to decentralize or it will die.”  I should say for those who are not likely to read the posting, he is extremely complementary of the new Twitter interface.  His quote (which has been tweeted about quite a bit lately) is referring to the Twitter platform for building applications.

He raises some interesting points and I’m no developer so I won’t support or refute what he says, but the fact that the Twittersphere has been referring to this post made me want to acknowledge and comment.  Closed systems can be dangerous especially as more social marketing tools continue to come forward.  Twitter has been an early darling and a tool that I very much enjoy using (heck I have 3 personal twitter handles), but dominance does not always translate into longevity.  There is a huge technology graveyard filled with firms that once dominated the market only to be usurped because they did not change fast enough.

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